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Training Courses

Interested in becoming a SCALPOLOGIST?

At Scalpology we offer you the opportunity to learn all there is to know about Scalp Micropigmentation.


At Scalpology we believe that SMP, just like other forms of art, requires creativity, passion and a commitment to excellence. Our brand is built on decades of quality service and relationship with our clients. We do what we do because we care. The training we offer is aimed at individuals who share our desire to make a real difference in the lives of our clients.

Our course has been intentionally crafted to bring our trainees the very best of our industry-leading knowledge and experience. We understand that the best knowledge in the world is useless without practical application, and our course is structured to give you both. Trainees who have successfully completed our training programme receive certificates of accreditation. But as with our clients, the relationship does not end there, and trainees enjoy the benefit of our post-training support.

SMP is the perfect way to start your own studio, or to broaden your services to your existing clients. With the help of our master educators, you’ll soon be off to a good start for building a bright future.

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