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Scalpology was inspired by 20 years in the Barbering Industry. Read our story below


Scalpology was inspired by 20 years in the Barbering Industry.  For centuries, men and women have enjoyed so much more than just a haircut from the person holding the scissors or razor – they have come to enjoy friendship, genuine concern, and trust that their barber or hairdresser is professional and that they will be pleased with the outcome.  It is also an intimate relationship, especially for men, who are usually uncomfortable with extended physical contact.  Over the past two decades, I have come to value and respect my clients and the trust they have invested in me, and as more and more people struggled with hair loss, their resulting social and emotional pain, became mine too.

As the owner and lead practitioner at Scalpology, I am passionate about providing clients who are suffering from loss of hair and often confidence, a viable long-term solution.  As a professional barber for so many years, I immediately study a client’s head shape, complexion, hair type and hair colour, when they walk into my clinic. Hairline design is critical in SMP, because the object is to create a result that looks as natural and authentic as your own hair would.  Hairlines are often as unique as the people they belong to, and a professional SMP practitioner should be concerned about whether it should be rounded, receded, straight or peaked for example.  As an experienced barber the answers come naturally during the assessment and Scalpology clients leave with the sharp, faded or broken hairline finish that is best for them.

At Scalpology, our clients are assured of professional treatment in a comfortable, relaxed environment, and for most, knowing they are in good hands is a deal-breaker. SMP is a life-changing procedure and the Scalpology Team is passionate about making it as memorable as possible, for all the right reasons.

Seeing the positive impact SMP has on the lives of my clients, has led to my personal dedication to making this unique treatment accessible to more people suffering from hair loss.  Consequently, I am also a trainer, and I find it so rewarding to equip and train people wanting to enter the industry, to work to a standard of excellence.  Seeing others realise their potential and fulfil their ambitions is very satisfying.

Scalpology is based in Hertfordshire, London, just 25 minutes from Liverpool St. Station.  If you are suffering from hair loss or Alopecia to any extent, we can help.  Why not contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your options?  Your relief from hair loss and the social and emotional implications are very much our concern.

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